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What is the spec for the bore/groove dia. for the K-31?
I know there's huge variations with the likes of the Mosin-Nagant, but we're talking Swiss watches here, aren't we?

If they have a groove dia. of .306, I'm not overly concerned about .308 bullets down the bore. Everything I've read says .308 bullets are fine for this rifle...
But I do wonder whether I can achieve the same/similar velocity of the GP-11 (2560) without pressure issues due to the slightly oversize bullet?

The 175 SMK would seem to take up a bit more case capacity since it doesn't have a rebated boattail like the GP-11.

I wonder if it's even worthwhile reloading for this rifle, since the GP-11 is so accurate, and cost is similar to rolling my own match rounds.
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