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made by WHO?

Hi Guys, I was hoping to learn a bit about a newly inherited gun. The most useful info i have found so far got me to YOU. It's a dbl barrell side by side tho tops of the barrels are stamped: "A. GOBIN ARQ R(underlined) Paris" on one and " I08 (or maybe 108) B o(underlined)Magenta" on the other. Marks on the underside of the barrels are "acier cockerill", " AC over JB" in parantheses, choke specs, then "D=65/18.7". Marks are"star over N", "deer over P.V."(maybe a rabbit), then a small "AV" or possibly "M", a vertical line over a triple triangle(looks like a blacksmiths hammer), cursive"EL", "16" over "C" inside a diamond, "E" over "LG" over"*" inside a crowned circle below a star. Age, guage, and ballpark value would be greatly appriceated. Thanks, Dan
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