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Hot Handloading
I have a Glock 17L that's slowly becoming a race gun. Among other things, I've added a threaded barrel and compensator. It has the lightest spring available but I'm still having ejection and feed problems. I tried a heavier grain bullet and solved the ejection problem, but the slide didn't come all the back so my feed problems persisted. I tried +p ammo and the gun fed pretty well until I shot too fast. I'm guessing +p+ would solve that problem. But the cost and availability of 9mm +p+ is a problem. I am starting to handload this week, mainly for the savings. I've searched for +p+ recipes and everyone seems against them. I was wondering if there is a powder or a powder/bullet weight combination that would kick the slide back far enough without having to load to excessively high pressures?"

OK, what are you trying to accomplish?
Possibility 'A' - you are trying to cycle a 9MM that is suppressed.
Possibility 'B' - you are trying to switch back and fort between a weapon that is setup to be ran suppressed to non-suppressed.

IF possibility:

'A' - I don't do suppressed weapons but would think that the weapon would need to be completely set up for sub-sonic loads, springs included and used with loadings that don't bust the sound barrier. That is not +P or +P+ loads.

'B' - If you have spend all of that money for the tax stamp and jumped threw all of the paper hoops to be allowed to have/shoot a suppressed weapon, just shoot it suppressed.

If I have missed the original point, please explain. What is a 'race' gun?

My views on "Hot Handloads" is simple. Start loading at a good published 'starting load' and slowly work up till you find; what pleases you the shooter, or functions the weapon the best, or run into pressure problems. If the current components don't meet the desired results, start again with different stuff. Need/want more energy, get a bigger gun. Need/want greater velocity, get a faster round.

I'm proud of myself for not saying anything about glocks.

Be safe,

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