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I wish Ruger would make these 3 and all 3 will sell:

1. BHP! FN/Browning seems to have pretty much abandon it so Ruger could step in. Stainless, extended safety, no mag safety (not going to happen) and no bite hammer (come on, the gun has been manufactured for over 75 years, surely they could have figured that one by now). And a shorter version, sort of like FM Detective, would be even better! And if they can make them for about $600 street price (about the same as SR1911?) they would sell. Just please do not call it SRHP, sounds too much like a senior citizen organization.

2. P238/P938. Make them with, and I can not believe I am about to say this, poly frame and price them at $350-400. Ruger will need a new assembly line to keep up with demand.

3. One of the Marks .22s with 30 round mag. Ultimate plinking pistol?

Affordable P210 and Broomhandle (especially if they could make it with shoulder stock) - that would be really cool, just don't think it will ever happen.
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