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I would have to disagree with your premise...
The amount to spend on an optic depends on the capability of the rifle, and the type of shooting you do...

You can have a $500 rifle that shoots sub moa, and if you shoot long range with it, $1000 is certainly not too much to spend on an optic.

OTOH, with the same rifle, a whitetail hunter that never takes a shot over 200 yards would be fine with a low power optic that might not cost over $100- as long as it holds zero, it'll do the job needed.

Long range shooting demands precision optics- where the "clicks" are precise (IOW, 1/4" is exactly 1/4"), have a generous amount of internal adjustment, and are repeatable (run the turret 80 clicks up, then 80 back down- and have the exact same POI).

Lots of threads on scope selection, try a search.
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