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You can find a list of clubs shooting Bullseye here. There are probably others, in addition to some postal leagues that you may be able to get involved with. The NRA may be able to help as well.

I pretty much gave up shooting Bullseye with iron sights when I started to need reading glasses some years ago. In the leagues around here (New England), iron-sighted shooters are few and far between these days. If you want to play around with various diopter lenses and such, Champions Choice seems to have a good variety to choose from, though you may need to first purchase a pair of dedicated frames and they aren't cheap. You may also want to check out an iris instead, which works by increasing depth of field. They come in adjustable and fixed versions and can be added to whatever you're using currently for glasses. I've had good success with the Eyepal products for shooting my iron-sighted revolvers informally.

Virtually everyone I shoot with uses red dot sights. Ultra Dot is probably the most popular brand - I'm currently running Ultra Dot Match Dots on six different pistols. They mount on a standard Weaver rail, and I'm sure a middling good gunsmith can add a rail to a Victor. I've got two Ultra Dots mounted on the slides of my .45s and they hold up well under the pounding - and if they don't, they come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
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