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Aguila Blanca Keep in mind that (I believe ... I am not an FFL) the compliance inspection generally consists of verifying the bound book against the inventory. The agent will run a finger down the acquisitions side of the book, pick a firearm at random, and say "Show me the Megaforce Magnum Blaster serial number 123456789."

You want to store the firearms at home because your "business" premises aren't secure. Are you then not opening yourself up to allowing the BATFE to inspect your home? The purpose of the compliance check is to verify that you have listings for the guns, and guns to match the listings. If the guns aren't at the place of "business," I have a feeling the agent will pretty much say, 'Well, then, let's just go where the guns are," and I suspect he would be justified in saying that.
Correct, at the compliance inspection the IOI (Industry Operations Investigator aka beancounter) will compare bound book (record of aquisitions & dispositions) vs 4473's vs inventory. If you have dispositions but no matching 4473 or inventory with no matching record of aquisition........uh oh.

ATF can examine any location where you are storing firearms or conducting business.

Typically ATF will call ahead to schedule the compliance inspection for "kitchen table" dealers.....they do not have to, but as my IOI told me it saves a lot of time and gas to do so.
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