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If memory servese

I remember a pdf of an old Field Manual that had sight settings (Holds) for long range fire with the 1911A1. I may have seen it on TFL or on the 1911 forum. Anyone else remember this? Using a pistol for Long Range fire is less than ideal, but as pointed out earlier it is not the bullet drop so much as the short sight radius that makes precise aiming and trigger control so critical. The soldiers that I observed at Ft Rucker were making hits with the M9 as far out as 300 yards. I don't know if his shot was actually 165 yards or not but it is not far fetched. As for doubting his story because parts of his story have changed; I don't think that means anything. People seldom are able to recall stressful events in perfect chronology, in fact when they do it is a possible indication of deceit.

My take aways from this are.
1. Thank God a capable citizen was there and ready to take effective action.
2. What do I need to do to be effective?
3. Although rare, bad things do occasionally require attention from greater ranges than 7 yards.
4. practicing some occasional shooting at 50 and 100 yards will help me at 7.
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