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Originally Posted by Don P
I am quoting this from Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. book Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership.
Page 24,

Question asked,
I am a licensed firearms dealer. An 18 year old wanted to buy ammunition for his rifle, which was of caliber that could also be used in a handgun. Can I legally sell it to him?
AnswerSure. As long as he represents it's for a long gun ( rifle or shotgun), and you have no real reason to doubt he's telling the truth--you can freely do so.
Obviously, the type of ammunition must be typical for the weapon he says it's for -- otherwise you're on notice that the sale could be illegal.
From the above question and answer I understand it that if a 18 year old is found to be in possession of a hand gun and has ammo for it its a problem. If it were not a problem the why can't he legally buy it is my way of thinking.
But this question pertains to an FFL seller, not to a 19-year old found in possession of ammunition. In fact, this Q&A says that it IS lawful for the FFL to sell the minor pistol caliber ammo as long as the minor says it is for use in a rifle. In other words, if the kid came into a gun shop with a 9mm carbine in a gun case and showed the carbine to the FFL when asked "What is this ammo for?" ... the FFL could sell him 9mm ammo.

How would this lead to questions if the kid should subsequently be observed in possession of 9mm ammo?
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