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I am quoting this from Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. book Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership.
Page 24,
Question asked,
I am a licensed firearms dealer. An 18 year old wanted to buy ammunition for his rifle, which was of caliber that could also be used in a handgun. Can I legally sell it to him?
AnswerSure. As long as he represents it's for a long gun ( rifle or shotgun), and you have no real reason to doubt he's telling the truth--you can freely do so.
Obviously, the type of ammunition must be typical for the weapon he says it's for -- otherwise you're on notice that the sale could be illegal.
From the above question and answer I understand it that if a 18 year old is found to be in possession of a hand gun and has ammo for it its a problem. If it were not a problem the why can't he legally buy it is my way of thinking.
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