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The .50-70 was never really seen as anything more than a stop-gap cartridge while a newer, smaller caliber round was developed.

As originally adopted, the .45-70 had a 405-gr. bullet. It was ballistically superior to the 450-gr. bullet of the .50.

The .45-70 with the 500-gr. bullet wasn't adopted until 1879, when testing at the Sea Girt grange showed that it was a lot better at long range.

And, a little known tidbit about the Span-Am war...

Regular Army troops were issued the then standard Krag Jorgenson rifle.

Volunteer troops were all issued Trapdoors in .45-70.

Except for one unit.

Teddy Roosevelt apparently pulled some strings as former Ass't Secretary of the Navy and got the Rough Riders Krags.
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