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Howdy, Doc...

I load for BPCR, and use only Goex or Swiss powders.

Here's what I have might help.

1. Black Powder likes compression. heavy compression will give you a bigger flash--more unburnt powder coming out--but less recoil. Medium to light compression will burn more efficiently, but recoil will increase.

2. I have found that SPG bullet lube works well for my purposes. I know that there are some excellent recipes for home-made BP lube, but I haven't tried any yet. And, remember the primary purpose of bullet lube for BP guns--it is not so much for lubing the bullet, but softening the fouling left behind upon firing.

3. Your best friend at the range is a can or pan of soapy water. Dump your fired cases straight into them right after firing. If you want to go the extra mile, you can wipe the cases down after your range session is finished. it will make cleaning later on easier.

4. Make sure that you clean your revolver VERY well right after firing. The residue left behind is hydroscopic--attracts moisture.

5. Finally, it will be a good thing at the range to take a rag that you can dampen with soapy water. Periodically pull the cylinder and wipe down the front with the soapy water; follow that with a good oil. (Usually you would use absolutely NO petroleum products around black powder--however, since the cartridge is sealed it won't hurt.

If you have any more questions, I highly recommend Buffalo Arms Company. They will help tremendously in all aspects of BP shooting.
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