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I don't want to keep any firearms at the office location when I am not there as it will not be extremely secure. I think someone indicated previously every location must be on the FFL.
Only your premises address and mailing address are on the actual license.

I can't find any place to list the storage location (my house) on the app.
If all you are doing is storing firearms at that location it doesn't need to be on the FFL. ATF does ask that you notify them of any additional locations. See bottom left column of page 8:

Would that location be listed on my FFL license that I give out to everyone even if I do not receive shipments or see people there? If so there is little reason not to just run it out of my house.
The only address that will be on your FFL are your premises and mailing address. Although these are public record you don't have to publicize either.

If I am "open" an hour or two each morning/night by appointment and weekends will the ATFE be ok With that?
The "business hours" that ATF requires on your application are the hours you expect to devote time and attention to your business.....and will also be the hours that ATF can make an unannounced compliance inspection. They are not necessarily the same as your "public" business hours.

So you can only sell off premises at events, does that include local trap shoots, high-power matches, etc.? Do you need permission to set-up at an event?
Your license allows you to conduct business at two locations:
1. Your licensed premises
2. A gun show or other special event.

You would only need the permission of the event organizers.

See cfr478.50

There are requirements that the gun show or special event must meet.
See 478.100

Lets say the ATFE denies my application for an FFL due to them not considering it a business endeavor, does that green light me to do it without an FFL? would be a green light all right, plus a 70mph ride to federal prison. You cannot engage in the business of dealing in firearms without a Federal Firearms License.

ATFE searches... Anyone actually limit the area of their residence involved in the business and successfully limit ATFE searches to that area?
ATF is limited to one unannounced compliance inspection per year. This is limited to your bound book, 4473's, multiple sale of handgun forms and your inventory of firearms.........thats it.

They won't go looking in your sock drawyer or digging up your back yard. To do that would require a search warrant based on probable cause that a crime has been committed and signed by a judge. If they have a search warrant it will have every address listed where they suspect evidence of a crime may be found.

At my last compliance inspection the IOI sat at my dining room table the entire time...I brought out the guns he wanted to verify vs bound book entries. I had my tubs of 4473's stacked and waiting. He was there two hours and was professional, efficient and helpful with the questions I asked.

BTW....many licensees have never seen a compliance inspection.....there are not enough IOI's to do one every year even if they wanted. This was my first one in four years.
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