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The 85 is a fine revolver.

It's THE bread and butter gun for decades with Taurus.

Massad Ayoob,Chuck Karwan, and another author for decades of Gun Digest Completer Book of Combat Handgunnery, recommended the 85 for those on a budget.

In Marshall and Sanow's books,Massad Ayoob books,and other police journals and tactical magazines the 85 is either documented as being carried as a back up gun and used to save lives. Several ex-police now gun writers, for American Hangunner,carry the 85 or have.

The idea is to use the checklist from here.

Then use it to look at whatever model gun you will by and you cannot go wrong. Actually go to different stores and actually rent or try out what it is you want to buy. If they pass the user test and fill your needs then go for it.

If you go with something else,fine.

The Taurus 856 has the sixth shot and is built on the 85 frame. Gander Mountain has Specials on it.

The Rossi 462 is also the 6 shooter as already stated.

Even Charter Arms or EAA Windicator can work.

If not:
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