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I'm just wondering which version is easiest for using something like Flitz.
Everyone that has commented has it right, from one perspective or another.

High polish is beautiful and in SS is reasonably scratch resistant. However, Flitz, Semichrome, Mothers... none of that stuff will remove scratches from polished SS. Super light scratches from aluminum, sure... with a lot of work.

To remove scratches from polish requires removing metal from the area surrounding the scratch, and blending the surfaces. This requires multiple steps and a good amount of skill to do it right... hence Slopemeno's comments.

45_auto is right in that a blasted (some call a "frosted" finish) finish is easy to touch up, if you have a blast cabinet and the scar is not too deep.

Bill DeShivs has it right with Scotchbrite pads... A finely "brushed" surface can be easily re-brushed, and costs you nothing but the pads and a bit of time. Again, if the scar is not too deep... but at least, like blasting, you can blend it so it's not so noticeable.

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