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FFL questions(again)

Everyone's dream, right?
Well, I have thought about it for a while and I have a buddy who has some empty commercial/office location I might be bale to start out in for a pretty fair price.
We ran into some problems though. At first I want to start out ordering and doing transfers with no static inventory. I don't want to keep any firearms at the office location when I am not there as it will not be extremely secure. I think someone indicated previously every location must be on the FFL. I can't find any place to list the storage location (my house) on the app. Would that location be listed on my FFL license that I give out to everyone even if I do not receive shipments or see people there? If so there is little reason not to just run it out of my house.

If I am "open" an hour or two each morning/night by appointment and weekends will the ATFE be ok With that?

So you can only sell off premises at events, does that include local trap shoots, high-power matches, etc.? Do you need permission to set-up at an event?

Lets say the ATFE denies my application for an FFL due to them not considering it a business endeavor, does that green light me to do it without an FFL?

ATFE searches... Anyone actually limit the area of their residence involved in the business and successfully limit ATFE searches to that area?
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