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I have a Glock 17L that's slowly becoming a race gun.
It sounds like you have a Glock 17L that's slowly becoming more and more non-functional as you try to improve it.

Ok, on a more serious note, you've increased the barrel/slide mass with the addition of the compensator which reduces slide velocity. The compensator is also probably slowing the slide velocity as a function of how it works. The gun is designed to operate properly in a fairly narrow range of slide velocities.

Trying to push the slide velocity back up with hot loads is one approach, but I think you'd be better off trying to come up with a solution that doesn't involve dramatically changing the slide velocity to begin with. Maybe a slightly extended barrel with porting instead of a thread-on compensator. Or maybe you could lighten the slide to balance the additional weight of the compensator and extended barrel if you really want to use the thread-on compensator.
I am starting to handload this week, mainly for the savings. I've searched for +p+ recipes and everyone seems against them.
I would not recommend starting out your reloading career by loading +P+ 9mm rounds. That's not really a way to save money, it's a way to cost yourself more money--when you have to buy a replacement gun. There's not a lot of case capacity to play around with in the 9mm, particularly if you want to go with the heavier bullets. That makes it a little touchy when you start pushing the limits.
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