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Slightly off topic but part of a point...

A recent member post about "lucky" shots or firearm shots that seemed incredible reminds me of a old 1980s era video made by Second Chance's Richard Davis(the owner/CEO & ex-cop of the firm).
Davis was in a big rural field & wanted to dispell the Hollywood myth of a handgun round being able to "stop" a motor vehicle.
He fired one/01 round from a large .44magnum DA revolver at the engine block of a 1970s era sedan(engine-model unknown). I don't recall the range Davis fired from but it was about 20-25 yards away. The .44 bullet cut through the big car's hood & damaged the vehicle causing it to stop immediately.
Even Davis was shocked by the outcome.
He showed how the .44magnum bullet cut through several wires & part, saying it was a "one in a 1,000,000 shot".
These events are very rare but can occur. Nearly every New Years the local media reports how people are seriously injured or killed by "stray rounds" fired by party guests or gun owners who fired in the air. I'm sure other members have heard the same news reports in their areas too.

It's a bit off the main subject here but it shows that bullets can & do go all over.
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