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You gentlemen are undoubtedly correct that nothing was implied in the 2nd amendment concerning actual regulations. However, contributor Blanca has kindly posted those federal regulations passed five years after the constitution to provide for such regulations. The militia act goes into some detail regarding regulation of the militia, which as has been pointed out, were state institutions and as such, already existed in some form. I have done no research on what state regulations may have existed, since the militia acts concerned themselves with the militia in relation to federal service.

It is with some regret that I am no longer of legal age to be part of the militia, although I once served in a unit that was at one time styled the "Washington Light Infantry." That was over 35 years ago.

Some of these organizations existed before the revolution and were naturally called state troops. Some more or less regular troops were stationed in small numbers along the frontier, mainly along the Allegheny Front where there was constant Indian troubles until after the Battle of the Fallen Timbers. They were called "rangers."
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