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A few things:

[1] It's not insurance; it's styled as a service plan. One thing that means is that it is essentially unregulated (except to the extent that the practice of law by the lawyers is regulated by the Bar Association(s) the lawyer belongs to). One of the most important aspects of insurance regulation is company solvency. Departments of Insurance monitor the financial status of insurance companies (quarterly financial statement and triennial audits). That increases the likelihood that the carrier will have the money to pay its insurance obligations.

[2] As a service plan, it provides legal services through its panel of lawyer (like an HMO provides medical services through its panel of doctors). That can be an issue if you don't get along with or trust the lawyer on the panel available to you or you need the service in a State in which they don't have a panel lawyer.

[3] On the other hand, Alexis Artwohl is on their panel as a use of force consultant, and she is well known and respected in the field.
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