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Interesting! Kudos to the citizen for helping the officer. This is a very thought provoking incident. I can't help but notice that he didn't use an SP-101, LCR, LCP, LWS, or other mouse gun. He had a 5" BBL. Enough sight radius and power to make a non-typical shot like this, which very likely saved a life. Could he have done the same with a Kel-Tec or other mouse gun?

This incident makes a good case for a full size carry pistol. I realize that the statistics say you need 1.5 shots or whatever and it'll be within 10 or 15 ft. That is a case for justifying a mouse gun.

It seems to me, that I am hearing more and more about atypical scenarios that happen that do not support the statistics. Everyone wants to be comfortable, and not lug around an M-60 if they don't have to, myself included. Where to draw the line?

I've carry a full size 1911 for well over 20 years, prolly closer to 30. I've had 4 close calls in that time. None of my incidents went outside of the Statistical range. No more than one shot was ever needed (both warning shots into the ground, 1-man, 1-dog) and at spitting distance. I thank God that I have never had to actually shoot anyone, but I digress...

All of my incidents could have been accomplished with a mouse gun. Does that mean that I would be adequately armed to carry a mouse gun? Well, yes and no. History says yes, but the modern world says no. Life can throw you an atypical scenario suddenly. So, in keeping with (the cliche's!) of I'd rather have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it...and don't take a knife to a gunfight...I suggest everyone carry as much gun as they possibly can, just in case.
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