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1100/B Sq. Saddle Mt.

Hello all:
Due to my disabilty I'am forced to down size from 12ga. to a 20ga.
P/u a Rem.1100, LT 20ga, 2.3/4 with a 21'' smooth,w/rifle sights, #046XXX.
It has some leading to be removed, no problem.
I want to scope it with a B Square saddle mount.
Starting with checking that it's unloaded, then follow basic disasembly instructions, barrel, release pressure off bolt (slowly).
Can I then drift trigger pins out ? or do I need to remove bolt ass. and then drift out trigger ass. pins ?
Saddle mt. over top, install two bolts, tork to ?? inch pounds, foot pounds ?.
I know their are two diffrent DIA bolts (pins) 1-larger than the other, put in right hole (square peg/ round hole)(LOL).
Reasemble in reverse order.
Cycle action to see if over torked bolts bind it up.
Start on scope instalation next.
Any advice, any, will be appreciated
thank you for your time, Eagle Keeper out !
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