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Stacy never served in the military or took any police or combat training courses but he is a hunter. My point on practic9ing beyond 7 yards is because of the questions already asked on this thread about bullet drop. Most people over estimate range and over estimate how much bullet drop they need. Those of us who have competed in bullseye rarely make a sight change between 25 and 50 yards because the 1 click difference means little.

I am a handgun hunter and the only deer I had to shoot twice was at 135 yards because I over estimated the drop I needed and just barely skinned the top of the head shooting from a rest. I shoot everything from 22 to 44 mag revolvers and pistols out to 200 yards just for chuckles and giggles, Trust me when you shoot 100 yard 8" targets one handed slow fire then go back to 25 yards and less it sharpens you up considerably. I know to many people who are dead eye dick at 7 yards and hopeless at 50' The bullet does not get tired, the sight picture is the same. The problem is up between the ears, they defeat themselves before they ever pull the trigger.

Stacy not only did it with his .357 revolver but he did it with Connors shooting back at him with his AR15. If he had never shot at those distances before how much chance would you have given him of coming out the victor?
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