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Wow! Thanks for all of the replies. This seems to be an interesting topic. For now, I'm going to consider the guns mine and use and enjoy them accordingly. Noelf2 had a neat idea during a PM conversation we were having - hold on to them for the grand-kids (assuming of course, that they turn out to have good character). So they'll stay put in my safe.

I am going to consult an attorney just for my own peace of mind. Can't hurt.

Pahoo: "fxdrider
Have to ask if by your measure, your son's attitude has changed since he has gone through his latest adventure? I suspect, the answer, is NO. ....
Pahoo, I'm in Virginia, and you are quite correct - if anything his attitude has gotten worse. He's had two years of nothing to do but talk with other inmates about better ways of "getting away with it". Now his arrogant ass is more emboldened than ever. I think some people have the character to learn from their mistakes and try to do better after they've paid their time. Others, like him, blame everyone else for their problems and refuse to better themselves in life, continuing on the road of bad choices.

In one case that I know of, if he is even caught with a bullet, his dumb butt goes back to jail. I understand you trying to save your son but that's up to him, in the long run. ...
You are correct here as well - it IS up to him. I've done all I can. As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

It all comes down to a matter of trust ....
Agreed - and trust flew out the window with him a loooonnnnggggg time ago.
I've always taught (or tried to teach) my kids that trust is everything. It's very easy to lose and takes a long time to rebuild. My daughter got the message - my son...not so much.

Thanks again everyone.
If you are finished, unload and show clear....
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