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According to our NRA lobbyist Quinn's proposal has virtually no chance of moving forward.

Legislative Update 8/1/12

Well just about the time you don’t think there are any more stunts to be pulled, and that all the grandstanding was going to be done in Washington, we get this stunt here in Illinois.

The Governor took a bill to clean up ammo sales that we proposed, and passed, and used his Amendatory Veto authority to gut the bill and re-write it to be the City of Chicago’s semi-auto ban.

We have seen this language before and it didn’t have the votes to pass then, and it doesn’t have the votes to pass no in our opinion. In fact, we control the legislation. Since it is our bill to begin with, we picked the sponsors for the bill, people who generally believe like we do. So we control the bill from the stand point of if the veto message even gets called.

The procedure is for the sponsor of the bill to file a motion to either accept or reject the Governor’s action. Since we have no intention of accepting them, the only options then are to either move to override the veto, or not call the motions for a vote.

Either way, the semi-auto ban has no way of becoming law. For other reasons, I won’t go into all of our other issues or scenarios, and possibilities. There is a lot going on right now, but we are still in the driver’s seat and even if the Governor wanted to call a special session on guns, he won’t beat us.
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