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I apologize. I should have been more clear. My responses were meant to go to testuser in regards to these previous posts.

"If you haven't done so, surf over to Amazon and check out Level IIIa and Level IV armor w/ceramic inserts for sale.

I've been tracking this trend for a few years now. This issue isn't going away and although more advance bullet designs exist, they certainly will not be made available to civilians. Body armor is only going to get more effective and less expensive, even now, a good level IIIa vest isn't much more than a Glock.

I'd like to see body armor become an NFA item, just like machine guns, descrtutive devices, short barreled rifles, suppressors, etc. Tax stamp, LEO sign off, fingerprints, and a very involved background check for each plate and vest.

I went through the process myself, frustrating, but doable and probably not something a would-be-criminal, even with a clean record would attempt."



"So let me get this straight.

You want body armor to become an NFA item, even though there is no possible way that body armor can hurt someone.
Suppressors can't hurt anyone, either. They have to be paired with a weapon to do that.


"It tips the balance away from lawful CCW holders who only have a pistol at their disposal to neutralize a threat.

I'd like it to remain legal to own, because I wouldn't want to deprive someone if that's what they want. On the other hand, when paired with a weapon and taken into a public space, where no one else is likely to have it, that's an issue for me. I'm trying to balance the two without advocating an outright ban.

How many CCW owners that have armor will be wearing it in July in public, unless they're LEO?"

OP, if you want to carry a full size handgun you feel is capable of taking out someone in body armor, by all means, do so. That is fine with me, and it wouldn't matter even if it wasn't.

I think most LE agents wear vests, but still manage to be killed in gun fights.

Vests leave many areas unprotected. Use your imagination.

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