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v5.3 is available.

I updated both apps today.

Gun Log +P (GL+P) got a major overhaul. It is now using the updated database that Gun Log (GL) uses.

The focus was on pickers, so you can now enter custom values and do not have to wait for me to update the app with a new powder or weapon manufacturer.

The next focus was on ballistics. This is a shooting app. Yes it does inventory better than most (I think better than any), but it is a shooting app first and foremost. You can now save drop tables with a weapon config and ammo specified and don't have to enter it every time.

Also you can save a drop table without associating it with a weapon and ammo. Just enter sight height, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient (G1), and zero distance. This is very handy, especially when a friend asks me to do a calculation for them.

Thank you to the moderators of "The Firing Line" for allowing this thread. The app is completely developed by just me, no others helping. The proceeds have paid for my lifetime NRA membership, ammo, and various other shooting related products and activities. Thank you for supporting me while I provide an app that is useful for those that are "into" iOS apps and tracking their shooting. For the rest of you, a note pad still works just fine.
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