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Originally Posted by dogtown tom
Whether possession was ever transferred legally or illegally, the ownership never changed. You are completely and wholly wrong as to the ownership of the firearms.

And it's possible for the firearms to have never been transferred in any manner if they were stored by the son with the intent to retrieve them later.

Example: Son, the felon lives with his father (bounced from place to place as the OP put it) and stored his firearms there. As he was living there, he likely never transferred the firearm to his father.....they were just stored there when he moved on. Under common law the firearms are still owned by the son, but he is not in actual possession. If he were not a felon he could actually return to his fathers state and take possession legally as they were simply left in storage.
There is another possible scenario: The OP mentioned that one of the rifles was "given" to the son when he (the son) was a child. The other rifle was given to the son by the mother (when was not stated). It is entirely possible that neither of these firearms was ever formally and legally transferred TO the son.
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