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From the Membership sign-up section:

Terms of Agreement-

By remitting membership payment, buyer is purchasing the rights to services for representation of one person (single or military/LE), two family members (dual), in any legal matter stemming from a use of force incident pursuant to a duly licensed in good standing concealed carry weapon permit for one year from the date of this acknowledgement. Representation to include securing of legal services and investigative services from CCW Safe attorneys and network law firms who are of the highest peer rating and members of Defense Research Institute. Note: You must have a valid state Concealed Weapon Permit issued to be eligible for any representation from CCW Safe. This is not an insurance product. It is a services agreement. Therefore, any money judgements rendered against a member is the responsibility of the member. CCW Safe will obtain and pay all legal services affiliated with a use of force incident.
There you go. Note the highlighted section.
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