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DLiller, I'm a bank rep for a sub prime auto lender, in other words I persuade dealerships to use my bank to finance their customers. Full body armor at work=the ultimate persuader?
You missed my point by a little, it all depended on IF this becomes more common.
You are right about my fear though. This wasn't a robbery his goal was mass murder. I've been close enough to death enough times to get a good understanding of the fact that I'm mortal and be OK with what comes after. Not bragging, not like it's been combat, just an old asthmatic who's lucky to still be here. A similar attack in public that puts my family in danger scares the holy heck out of me.
I really think this thread has pretty much proven that there IS NOT an effective answer to the situation.
I ended up intrigued by the thought that the 7.62 round might give me an advantage against an opponent behind cover, not that it would pierce armor.
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