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I'm 57 and have (tested last year) 60% loss in my right, 30% loss in my left... low tones are the hardest to hear, and background noise can really screw things up if I'm trying to understand conversational speech.

I'm left handed and have always shot a handgun using a close in, Weaver stance... left ear away, right ear toward the gun/target.
I shot competitive benchrest for 15 years, left handed. Although I wore custom plugs and muffs, the ear position was the same, with 10s of thousands of rounds under a covered shooting line.

I do have what I'd term as "occasional tinnitus"... comes and goes randomly with no specific duration or amplitude. Frequency has reduced considerably with my much more limited shooting schedule.

Was shooting the prime contribution to my loss? I don't know. Perhaps 20 years of riding street motorcycles without a helmet... didn't help.

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