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As for the first detachable bolt rifle magazine, that looks to be James Perris Lee's 10-shot magazine on the Lee-Metford in the 1880s.
And that one cannot be detached and carried around loaded. The Mondragon rifle was what I was thinking of.

I'm thinking maybe what became the Remington Lee was first. Started out as the Sharps Lee, but they went out of business before the first production run of them was finished.
FWIW, the earliest patent date on the side of the magazine is May 28, 1872. Haven't done any research on the patent so I've no idea what feature of it is covered by that one. The relevant detachable box magazine patent was issued November 4, 1879

Edited to add: My example of this rifle was sporterized by some dummy that wanted to make it look modern. My previous interest in the book used as a backdrop in the photos was as a source of photos showing carbine models in an attempt to salvage something that looked remotely "right" out of the gun. Turns out there's a whole mess of info on the development of the detachable magazine in there. Who'da guessed. Took years of effort and more than one person to get one that worked. Definitely did not spring full-grown from the mind of James Paris Lee.
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