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aarond, I have to wonder if this is too good to be true.

As I understand the ACLDN model, annual fees are pooled, and the funds available determine the amount of services that can be provided. The more members, the more potential defense funds, but yes it's an insurance model.

CCWSafe doesn't explain their business model. However, if they've only been in business since 2011, how can they actually follow through on their claimed services unless they have either:

1) a major pool of investors; and/or
2) significant start-up capital; and/or
3) an amazing number of existing memberships?

I'm not saying they don't have one, two, or three of those things, but you might ask for a prospectus, etc.

OTOH, ACLDN is run by Marty Hayes, and (assuming initial investigation indicates a clean gun use), Marty and Mas Ayoob are in your stable of defense expert witnesses.

I joined ACLDN last August. I've met Marty and Mas, and prefer to gamble on people I know - if only casually.

Your call.


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