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This is the first time I've seen ccwsafe. I'll add it to my list of "coverage entities" to look into. That said, I can't really answer your questions. What I can do is tell you that you need to be asking if they cover:
1) Costs and expenses (attorneys' fees, depositions, court reporters, photocopying, etc.); as well as
2) Damages if they lose (in a civil trial).

If they don't cover #2, that's OK, but be sure you get that question answered up front. While FAQ #4 says "you will never have to spend your own money or obtain a loan to pay for your defense," that may only include costs and expenses. What if they pay for $25K in defense costs at a civil trial, but lose to the tune of $90K? Who's going to pay that? Again, if they aren't gonig to cover the $90K, you need to know that on the front end. Natcherly, this would apply to any of the coverage entities you were considering.
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