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Please help me evaluate this legal service,,,

I was looking at the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network,,,
But this other service looks a bit more comprehensive.

On the FAQ page,,,
Question 4 has a very attractive answer.

CCW Safe is not an insurance product. Most, if not all programs that are currently available, work on the insurance model. For an annual fee, usually $120 to $250, you are are covered by a policy that is usually capped, or limited to a specific amount. Some will not cover criminal matters, some will, but will not cover a trial. To use these services, you must first spend your own money, or obtain a loan to pay for your defense, then submit claims for reimbursement. Some policies only allow claims if you are found not guilty. With CCW Safe, you will never have to spend your own money or obtain a loan to pay for your defense. CCW Safe is a service product. therefore, we will provide the services associated with a lawsuit or trial. Attorneys fees, investigator fees, expert witness fees, they are all covered by CCW Safe.
Anyways, I'm 95% ready to sign up for this service,,,
I would appreciate any opinions you good folk might have,,,
I would especially appreciate any comments from our lawyer members.

Thanks in advance,,,


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