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Hope you get lots of good answers, full of promising load data. I've been threatening to work up a good varmint load for my M-77 .257 for, oh, maybe the past 20 years. I just don't want to rush into anything, you know?

I've been slaying whitetails with 100 gr. Sierra Spitzers over IMR 4350 all this time, as have both sons, my daughter-in-law and assorted friends. If you added in the wild hawgs and assorted small stuff, you could probably overload a fair-size truck with the game so taken.

But I've kinda had a yen to do some serous (Serial? Cereal?) slaying of vermin with lighter bullets, so I'll look forward to the responses you fetch.

My rifle is one of Ruger's early limited production efforts--Medium heavy (but not bull) barrel, with iron sights and round top. With the old steel tube Weaver V-9 scope, it weighs a short ton. My elder son calls it my "Sendero Lite," and urges me to buy a BIG variable scope to mount on it. I personally think it's already heavy enough.

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