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I've been doing this for awhile - NEVER trade, NEVER (if you want to maximize your return, i.e.).

Also, rarely sell locally, and NEVER to an FFL dealer, since the dealers must buy low to make a profit & stay in business, and most locals have no clue as to real world value.

While the pics you have are good, I'd take a few more bright/clear ones of the areas of interest, like the BP, then put the rifle on gunbroker in a 7-day auction and a $0.01 starting bid - and watch the fun begin. (the frantic bidding won't start until just before the auction end)

If you're the nervous type, you can enter a hidden reserve (say, $900) - but I've never had to.

Be sure to include in your ad a complete verbal description and the codicil that the buyer's FFL must agree to accept shipment (I use USPS Priority Mail, Insured) from a non-FFL (you), and payment must be via certified check or US Postal Money Order only.

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