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scrubcedar:No arguement from me.Follow your own path.

The good news is,for nearly all of us,it is a moot point.

It is a bit like wondering"What is the best golf club?"

A buddy has a Tokarev,I have shot it.It is a serious handgun,interesting locking system.

Please understand,I was not running down your choice.I believe the most sure stop is a central nervous system hit.That is not necessarily a head shot.
The spine is generally center of mass.I have had large game drop in its tracks when I shot high,and just nicked a rib dorsal bone that would be the withers on a horse.The shock transmitted to the spine through the bone.

The abdominal aorta and vena cava run along the spine.Hit one of those,blood pressure will drop fast.

I really do not know anything about the 5.7.I have not had any real interest.I heard someone in passing compare its ballistics to the 22 rimfire magnum.I do not know.

Not taking anything away from the 7.63x25,or is it 7.62? What is it? an 85 gr 30 cal fmj at 1400 or so?

I just find it interesting that in another thread with another context the 30 carbine round,a 30 cal 110 gr fmj isa about 2000 fps.

The legend,which may not be accurate,the carbine had trouble penetrating the winter clothing of enemy troops in Korea.Maybe silk tech had some effect!

Thread to thread,one day the 5.56 is a totally inadequate pipsqueak round,then the 5.7 is THE body armor penetrator.

If you are in a situation where you need a gun,a gun that functions,that you can hit with,will probably work fine.
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