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Thanks guys!

Hey Stevelyn, How long is that salmon good for when it is stored sealed in one of those glass containers? Does it ever go bad? If so how long?
Those are widemouth, half-pint Kerr canning jars. I use the half-pints because it allows me to be a little more stingy with the moochers that hit me up. A bag of sticky ribbon bows and tags and you have 12 Christmas presents per case. But if you have a family, full pints might be better for your own use.

As long as they remain sealed and kept in a cool dry place, they should be safe indefinitely. But as Doyle said the quality could drop over time as with any other canned food product. I've cracked open jars that were 5-10 years old and it was still good. In my opinion the glass jars extend shelf life over cans.

BTW you're more than welcome to come over to the Alaska Outdoors Forums. I'm over there too.
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