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Ace LTD Customer Service Thumbs Up

Just wanted to write a customer service review for Ace rifle stocks. I bought a AR-15 in 50 Beowulf awhile back and it came with an Ace Socom Stock . The stock functioned fine when testing it at home. On the second range trip and after ~ 140 rounds fired between myself and original owner, I noticed that the stock jammed stuck on one of the cleats that hold the stock in position. I was able to get it un-stuck at home and working again. On the second range trip It happened several times and was jamming past one cleat and onto the next. After awhile of this I noticed that all of the cleats that hold the stock in position were all being mashed flat. The recoil on the Beowulf is pretty stout. I could get it un-stuck with effort but each shot would mash past the cleats rendering the stock pretty ineffective.

On June 8 I emailed ACE with pictures and explanation. After no response in 2 weeks I checked my outbox to make sure the message had sent and noticed I had left the subject line blank. My mistake, they probably dismissed it as spam. So I emailed again with a subject line on June 22. No response a week later so I tried calling the phone number listed on the website. It just rang with no message machine. I only tried once as my work schedule over that time had me working during business hours on weekdays.

On July 10th I received an email from Tiffany from Ace with an apology, instructions to send it back and they would either repair it or replace it. I mailed it out a few days later and got a brand new stock today in the mail.

Although the timeline was long, part of that was my fault as I only tried calling once due to my schedule. Also I forgot to include a subject line in the first email. On their website they acknowledged they are a few days behind on emails. All in all, Ace seems to be a company that backs their product and they didn't give me any kind of runaround. Wouldn't hesitate to buy their products again. I also installed a muzzle brake tonight for the beast. Hopefully that tames the recoil a bit.
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