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EDIT.....LOL I just realized this was from '09 Oh well...still though M1895 for $99?

Aim Surplus has very nice ones for $99 (including CCCP tulas for and extra $11) with holster and cleaning kit. Not trying to undercut bud's or anything, I like them and all....but why pay $30 more? That's your transfer fee right there.

Aim's CA policy: CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: All handgun shipments to "01" Dealer FFL only and modern handguns must be on the California approved list. No High Capacity magazine sales. No Assault Weapon sales. C&R Licensees may purchase only C&R Rifles that are at least 50 years old, even if the rifle appears on the Federal C&R list. All CA Dealers must give us their CL# before ordering. Check for other Local & State laws before ordering.
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