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Thanks....I't one of my favorite C&Rs. I believe at some point the stock was stripped and rubber with tongue or linseed oil but it dose not appear to have been sanded or altered in any other way. all the numbers are matching except for the bolt#s and the safety. No front sight hood either when I bought it (for $213 out the door) but I picked one up at the Army Surplus (he's a mauser guy and keeps a lot of German surplus in stock)

I've had a lot of good luck with the Prvi 196 FMJ and 198 match...If you can find it. Aim surplus has Prvi 196grn PPU Soft point in stock...I've used that before also and it's decent. I get the match grade Prvi form the aforementioned army surplus about 45 min from my house. He gets it in random sized lots ranging from just six or seven boxes sometimes, to several cases other times. Usually sells between $14-$17 a box for the match stuff depending on how much comes in at one time. I've been wanting to start cooking my own recipe for a while now though.
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