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Originally Posted by DennisCA
I took the Spanish Mauser to the range this past Saturday and was I dissapointed! First time the firing the rifle.....and it stuck (it was 7.62X51).
Had to use a cleaning rod down the barrel to un-stick the spent shell.
Ok I thought, I use commercial .308 ammo. Chambered a round a fired a it off, the bolt worked but I had to physically remove it with my fingers, because the it wouldn't come out by itself. I am patient person but enough is enough!
I called SAMCO today and today them I want to send it back and want a refund! I am though with SAMCO! My business will go to someone else!
Your problem is not with SAMCO, your problem is that you didn't pay attention early in this thread when people tried to point out that these Spanish small-ring Mausers were NOT intended to be shot with either commercial .308 or 7.62x51 NATO ammunition. They were built to fire the Spanish 7.62 CETME cartridge. There is a LOT of information confirming this all over the Internet.

There's a beautiful example of one of these (nicer than your second one, in fact) in a small gun shop 3 miles from my home. I drool over it every time I'm in there, but I won't buy it because I don't reload .308 so I have no way of replicating the less powerful CETME round. I have an 8mm Mauser but nothing in .308. IF the Spanish Mauser would handle commercial .308 or mil-surp 7.62x51 I would already have brought the rifle home, but I know it wasn't ever intended to fire either of those so I don't intend to push the envelope.
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