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The one on the left is a .45 Schofield for the Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver. The one on the right is a .45-70.

Both appear to be rimfires, but they have the Benet inside-the-case center fire primer, which is identifiable by the crimp just up from the case head.

The Benet primer, developed at Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, allowed a centerfire round in a case that was made of copper, which was simply too soft to support a Boxer or Berdan style primer.

I figure both rounds were loaded sometime prior to 1885 or so, when drawn brass cases finally came into service.


As amatter of information, here are a couple of .45 S&W rounds in my collection:

Both rounds have the Boxer primer, the December, 1889 is the earliest boxer primed Frankford Arsenal I have.

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