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sweet spot price for rifle scope?

Just wondering what you guys think a sweet spot price range for a scope for a $3-400 rifle should be. I have very little scope knowledge.

what i mean by sweet spot is a price where you're getting your money's worth, high quality without selling your kidney...for example, in the world of power tools, something like a makita/bosch/dewalt would be sweet spot products. they're good quality products that are not 2x the cost for not much additional gain like festool...they're not cheap like Black and decker which are barely made to do anything.

i'm new to rifles and all...i see that scopes can go anywhere from $30 to $600 on amazon with good ratings (4.5 stars+)...

I heard nikons are good scopes....they go anywhere between $100 for 4x to $160 and $220 on amazon for 3-9x scopes...even more if you wanted to...i was considering their prostaff 3-9x for $170 but would rather not if a $80-100 would work just as good...thanks
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