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I shot it and it is OK, but not for me. I applaud the concept - putting all of the after market goodies on it as standard equipment - but it still comes down to fit - and with all of its adjustment capability, the one area that doesn't happen is the grip - and that is one of the most critical places. The grip it too round if, like me, you have wide hands but your fingers aren't as long as your legs - it was awkward to get a good comfortable grip at the wrist. The other thing I found odd, as did every shooter who tried this gun - was the location of the bolt release. Oversized item is great, but on the LEFT side of the receiver? Makes no sense and is awkward for both RH and LH shooters alike.
The adjustable rib, giving a more "heads-up" shooting style would seem to favor trap shooters more than sporting clays shooter.

The three adjustable weights are a great idea to include with the gun.
Their choke tube inclusions seem to be missing something in the LM range. They go from a SK II, (.008) to a M (.022) with nothing in between - it seems they designed their chokes more for the skeet and trap shooters, not the sporting clay shooter - so fore the aforementioned groups, it should do nicely.

The laser engraving and laser checkering is nicely done - it is amazing the types of checkering that can be done by laser and not equalled by hand.

It is a VERY heavy gun - again, the weight of 9#1oz seems more at home with trap and skeet shooters, not sporting clay shooters

(For those who haven't figured it out yet, I shoot sporting clays)

All in all, it is well-built, shoots soft, cleans somewhat easily, but has the two shortfalls I mentioned above - grip/wrist design and release lever location. The price, while high, is somewhat in line with the Beretta A400 and Benelli guns when you factor in adding an adjustable comb, aftermarket bolt release, extra barrel weights, etc.

Whether the Tri-bore barrel delivers the hyped-about super patterns can only be determined at your shooting plate with your loads

If I was a trap or skeeter, I would give it 8.5/10; as a sporting shooter, I would give 7.5/10
As a LH shooter, it gets a 9 since it comes in a LH version
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