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Stargazer tell us about your ar. Really like the look of it, NOT all cluttered up with rails and gizzmos. NICE CLEAN RIFLE. What barrel lenght do you have?
Thanks! It is nothing really special other than the caliber. It is a mid-length RRA complete rifle, 16" barrel. Now I wasn't real happy with that pipe handguard and if it had been rubber covered or Hogue made a mid-length rubber covered one, that would have been much nicer. I can't stand to pick up an aluminum pipe, it is either always too hot to too cold. I searched and looked around and finally got a good response on what to use to cover that "pipe" with. Heat Shrink tubing! That piece on there cost me $10 with shipping but it is well worth it. It was fun trying to get it to shrink correctly and evenly and it doesn't look great but it "feels" great now. I had fellows say that that piece on a real AR would melt down. I beg to differ, if that piece melts your barrel is toast. That stuff resists flames and flames cause it to do what it is supposed to do, shrink, not burn.

I also note that everyone has a scope on their rifle. How well do you do without the scope, if you've ever used it that way?
At first since this is mainly a 200 yard rifle I was going to just use the carry handle and rail front sights until I read about hog hunting. My buddy always insists to bring a scoped rifle hog hunting due to the brush around and the darkness that goes with thick woods early AM and late afternoon. And then I found out about night hog hunting and found unless you are willing to drop $4-6K on good night vision stuff all that is really needed is red lights and a day time scope! I tried it out and it is true. I have a red LED bright flashlight that I attach to the gas block rail. It blocks the lower part of the scope on low power but past 4X you can not even see it. I could literally take 150 yard shot and place it where I wanted the bullet to go on a hog or a coyote in total darkness except for that flashlight. So the scope became a necessary tool.

I did get to do some bullet expansion testing this past weekend. Barnes makes a bullet specifically for the 458 SOCOM cartridge called a TTSX. Blue polymer tipped long boat tail bullet. I did the gallon water jug test and the wet newspapers test. Of course you only have one shot at the water jugs and I used one of the TTSX bullets and it opened up and stopped inside the 5th water jug. It opened up perfectly in the water jugs but only about 1/2-3/4 open in the wet newspapers. Still any opening is good. Below are some pixs and the bullets were fired at 40 yards away. One thing to notice in the jug video, the first two jugs were so violent in their upset that they literally blew that 50-60# box of wet newspapers off the table! Drenched my camera too but it survived. I got myself some good souvenirs, tested all the bullets I shoot through it and we had a good time as well.

5.56mm, reach out and touch something. .458 SOCOM,reach out and knock something down.

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