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Can receiving high quality tactical/self defense training and then following it up with virtually no real practice, other than standing in one spot and shooting slowly at the local range, a couple of times a year, get you killed if a real self defense situation confronts you? Mark
Here is the deal, anything can get you killed. You can do everything right and get shot, frequently, the time it takes to get to a good trauma center is the difference between life and death.

Those of us that train body and mind, hone our skill sets to be the best we can be are doing all we can do to help up survive a lethal encounter.

That is why I carry and shoot the best combat weapon I can, with several reloads. To some it may seem wasteful to shoot that much or uncomfortable to carry that gun, that is just who and what some of us are.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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