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30-30, you're talking about a guy who cherishes a parts 870 yclept Frankenstein.It takes love to make it pretty.

I've gone both ways on refurbs. I did have a complete overhaul done on what was basically a Stevens 311 action in 20 gauge and ended up with a nice looking shooter.

I've also taken a few older, well used guns and just kept them running with TLC and PM.

As for this one, were it mine, I'd....

Most likely, have Simmons or Nu Line go over it and replace any worn parts, saving the old ones. Then to Orlen for choke work, and Wenig for new wood.

Since this would be an uplander, probably go with a slim.,long forend and a straight grip English style stock sculpted to me.

As for reblueing and a rib, no.

Then, add a MEC in 16 gauge and start turning out 7/8 oz loads by the bucket.....
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