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I don't say this to rain on anyone's parade.Maybe the Tokarev round and the 5.7 are the best penetrators.I'm not trying to dispute that

I just find it interesting that the 30 carbine has been so often maligned for (true or not) failing to penetrate the winter clothing of enemy troops in Korea.

30 carbine vs the 7.62 x25 rd...

And,I really have not seriously compared the ballistics,but how does the 5.7 in a handgun stack up against a 22 magnum rimfire in a rifle?Not suggesting we will carry a 22 Magnum rifle,I'm just having fun asking questions.Many would sneer at the 22 magnum rifle for self defense against a body armored target

The discussion is good,its good to address the real world challenges.

Analagous to the deer woods,if 90% of your shots will be less than 150 yds,
1/2 of 1% of your shots will be 600 yds or more (in this cartoon),do you really want to gear up with a 13 lb rifle with a 24x scope ,carry it all the time,and splatter your 40 yd deer with a 338 Lapua?

Myself,I would tailor my outfit to the 90 % shot.

To tailor it to the 10% compromises the outfit 90% of the time.

We did not all start packing counter sniper outfits after the Whitman in the tower tragedy.

But,thats just me.I think I'll stick with 45 ACP
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